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I’m Rynette, I’m 27 and time is ticking. There’s no time like the present, but I’ve been waiting for this particular present for quite some time! I’ve had an overwhelming hunger to travel since being a young girl, back then I wanted to escape, these days, I’m free and I’m ready for the experience! I’m lucky enough to be getting to travel around South America for four months this year and I cant’ wait!!

I guess I no longer feel like I want to run away from something but now I feel like I want to run towards something.

I’m not running towards anything in particular, I just want to see some really interesting things so I can check them off my bucketlist.

When times are not going as great as we would like I think it’s really important to take a step back and truly look at our lives and find those beautiful, cherished moments that make us appreciate the bigger picture.

My goal is to share with with you my experience of travelling alone and being a light-haired, light skinned vegetarian. So, basically my best friend will find it hilarious that my blog is basically about being a ginger vegetarian on the road, especially since I think I’m still on his phone as “Rynette GV“, as if he knows another Rynette!

So although I may not be able to be in the road indefinitely like the wonderful Never Ending Voyage folks, I sure hope you enjoy reading about my adventures.

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